Common Questions

Q. What is the Gobble Map?
A. The Gobble Map is the latest innovation in turkey hunting. You can view turkey activity all over the country, or even just in your own neck of the woods. In addition, you can contribute your own Gobble Reports when you see turkeys in the field. This helps make turkey hunting better for everyone. Not only can hunters and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the Gobble Map, biologists at the National Wild Turkey Federation use it for learning about real turkey behavior.

Q. How do I submit a report?
A. Click on the "+" button at the top of the screen. You'll be asked two key questions: First, for a given group of turkeys, how much gobbling activity do you observe? Second, for a given group of turkeys, how are they bunched? Large groups, smaller groups, or singles? You can also enter a description of your observation, and specify the location. If you don't specify a location, we'll use the location of your phone. Collecting this type of data allows us to compute an overall "activity level" for your area, which helps predict when the best turkey hunting is happening in a region.

Q. What is a heat map?
A. The Gobble Map shows turkey activity in the form of a heat map. A heat map is a special type of map that shows aggregated information blended together as a trend in a certain area. The more red an area, the more turkey activity you can expect to see. The more blue (or lack of color all together) indicates less turkey activity. All of the colors in between show varying levels of turkey activity. The further you zoom out, the more aggregated the heat map will become because it's showing a trend across a larger area. The closer you zoom in, the more specific the heat will become because it's showing a trend across a smaller area.

Q. Can other people see the exact location of reports?
A. No. We take privacy seriously, and will never reveal the exact location of your reports. We aggregate all reports in a region together for display in the heat map. That way we can show useful trends, without revealing any specific information. When scrolling through a list of reports, we'll display the nearest city or town but never anything more specific. No one will be able to figure out where you hunt or scout by using the Gobble Map.

Q. Can other people see who submitted a report?
No. We will never reveal your name, or any information about you without your permission. However, you can view the reports you have submitted by clicking the menu at the top right of your screen and selecting "Your Reports."

Q. How accurate is the Gobble Map?
A. The Gobble Map is built with the latest technology, and with the input of expert biologists. However, we rely on the information you provide. The more information that is provided, the better the Gobble Map becomes. Please be sure to only submit accurate reports. Because the Gobble Map is designed to show approximated trends across a region, turkey activity in any specific location is not guaranteed.

Q. Who can I contact with other questions?
A. Email with any questions. We're always happy to help!